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Vision drives energy

Image shows binoculars mounted on a stand, facing railings and the open sea beyond. The binoculars are facing a large blue ship in the distance and the horizon is hazy. This image illustrates an article about the importance of Corporate Vision Statements, and their use in helping employees see clearly how they can contribute to the success of the organisation

This week we're talking about the importance of 'Corporate Vision'. Let’s clarify a couple of definitions first; 'Mission' is the daily work that we carry out, and 'Vision' is what we hope to accomplish as a result.

Put simply, every organisation needs a clearly defined end-goal, and characteristics that influence the organisation's strategy. A good Vision Statement will both inform and inspire, and help clarify the Mission that individual employees have signed up for. Without this goal or vision, creative energy drains away, and focus is lost at all levels of the business. We humans want to be part of something bigger than ourselves, and take pride in our contribution to its success. A Corporate Vision Statement creates that purpose, and gives employees licence to take decisions that work towards the achievement of the end-goal. A clear vision promotes unity, it inspires people to a common objective and encourages creativity.

Successful organisations equip their most costly and valuable asset - their people - to work independently and to leverage their own knowledge and expertise to the benefit of the business and its goals. They do this by creating, communicating and reinforcing an inspirational vision; which represents a very small investment in exchange for many years of enhanced productivity.

Concerned that your vision may have lost traction? Consider adding your corporate vision to internal email signatures for a period of time each year, or planning a vision-based give-away to all employees. At a time when so many of us are working from home and feeling more isolated, top-down communication is ever more vital. Need help refreshing or crafting your vision? Get in touch with the team at Enforma London for a free, 1 hour consultation.

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