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Why bother with Corporate Vision?

Over 25 years in industry we’ve frequently worked in businesses where the Corporate Vision was either not well-defined or missing-in-action. This creates a type of malaise; a 'general feeling of discomfort, illness, or unease whose exact cause is difficult to identify'. However, in this case the cause of the malaise is not difficult to identify.

Corporate Vision may sound, well, 'Corporate', but don't underestimate its power. The absence of a clear vision engenders the feeling that we are working without purpose. We are on a journey to 'nowhere' because our destination is not signposted. If you are a business leader and you're convinced that your Corporate Vision is clear and well-defined, then here's your challenge for the week ahead. Arrange for a trusted colleague to carry out a coffee break survey, asking 4 or 5 of your people what they can recall about the organisation's vision. If it doesn't come quickly to mind, consider reinforcing your corporate vision with regular internal comms campaigns, posting some creative office signage, or incorporating these messages into your annual review documentation.

Keeping the ultimate goal front-and-centre gives purpose and direction to employees, and directs the critical path of the business.

The strange season that C-19 has handed us is an excellent time to revisit some of these fundamentals. If the objective is well-defined and always in sight, all business decisions will feed in to its attainment, creating a focused culture of high-performance, and teams who are better equipped to meet short and long-term goals.

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