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Marketing Operations is the engine that drives Sales funnel performance.


If your Sales team is not receiving qualified leads of excellent quality, or if your prospects are not aware of your brand and value proposition, then your Marketing Operations practice may require attention.

Whether you are a tech company, a service organisation or a charity, you need to cultivate relationships with target customers, decision-makers and influencers in the most effective and efficient way.

Successful organisations team-work the Sales and Marketing functions as one collaborative working group with specific and shared tasks but the same overarching objective; the cultivation of business relationships resulting in new revenue.

Marketing Operations 360

Getting Marketing Ops Right
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One key to getting Marketing Ops right is a comprehensive and well-documented Marketing Strategy, with objectives, goals, budgets, priorities, tools and resources, from which all daily processes and activities flow.

  • Documenting your strategy is critical to enabling the ‘Kaizen’ (continuous improvement) approach to Lead Generation, processing, attribution and analytics. The documented Marketing Strategy should be available to stakeholders, and reviewed and updated regularly.

Effective Marketing Ops is a Critical Success Factor to Sales performance. The Customer Journey, Lead Generation and New Business acquisition are part of the End-to-End process of Sales Enablement.

  • This process must be systematic, scalable and optimised to drive performance and achieve corporate growth targets. 

  • A High Performance Marketing Strategy is created in collaboration with Sales (active stakeholders).

  • All online and off-line content and collateral must demonstrate a deep understanding of the customers' business issues and concerns, for which your proposition is the ideal product or service solution.


The decision to pursue a well integrated, end-to-end optimised Marketing Operations practice is the first step to 'getting it right' 

Getting Marketing Operations Right

Address Your Marketing Ops

Does Your Marketing Operation Require Attention? 

Symptoms of Marketing Ops malfunction include:


External Warning Signs

  • Brand not known in the marketplace

  • Value proposition/product not known in the marketplace

  • Lack of interaction / prospect engagement

  • Lead pipeline momentum not established or malfunctioning

  • Difficulty engaging with decision-makers

Internal Warning Signs

  • No written Strategy

  • No clear goals and objectives

  • Team members unable to articulate the team’s objectives and goals

  • No tactical plan, connected to strategic objectives

  • Poorly defined processes leading to constant reinvention

  • Ad hoc, reactive efforts with no short or long term benefits

  • Lack of internal meetings to review progress and shape activities

  • Reporting & data quality not enabling data-driven decision making / or proof of ROI

  • Poor interaction between Marketing with Sales teams

Your Marketing Ops Success

Create Your Own Marketing Operations Success Story 

Marketing Ops is a wide-ranging and complex area of your business. This summary page is just an overview. Get it right, and you will increase the fitness of your business, and achieve great results. Get it wrong, and the effects will be felt throughout the organisation.
If you would like to discuss a Marketing Ops 360 Evaluation, and bring operational excellence to your organisation, contact us for a free initial chat to discuss your requirements.

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