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We are enforma

Is your Go-to-Market Plan working?

Your experts in Marketing and Sales strategy, tactics and performance optimisation

Are you increasing your Brand recognition and awareness?

Is your Lead Generation building a pipeline with qualified opportunities?

Edmund Cartwright, Director at Enforma  
"Create success through a strategy and tactical plan that focuses energy and resources towards achieving optimal Sales and Marketing results."

Key Issues with Insight
What we do

We identify the real business
challenges, and provide solutions. Creating structure and process for your teams' success.

Benefit from a free Marketing Maturity Rapid Assessment 

We assess your Marketing and Sales strategy, tactical plan and operational efficiencies

We cultivate and establish Sales Enablement across all teams to achieve a high-performance business environment

We define time-based goals critical to the business, creating an efficient and optimised plan with tangible deliverables

We deliver integrated Sales and Marketing processes designed to optimise Lead Generation and Opportunities to enable Sales

Our service
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Our services

Guy Roberts, Head of Commercial and Bid Management at Tata Communications
“Edmund makes a huge impact on any project. I have been involved in two recent projects with Edmund and the impact Edmund made on the team cannot be underestimated. Not just in the preparing and validating of the collateral we needed but holistically in all areas of the projects showing true understanding as well as drive.”

Richard Thomas, Founder and CEO at Highlight
“Edmund brought a lot of structure and process to our Sales and Marketing practice. He has a strong high-level perspective with a real work ethic, but is also very approachable and has the ability to work at grass-roots level and inject energy into the team.”

Who we are
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Who we are

sam cartwright

Enforma combines the career expertise of Edmund and Sam Cartwright in Sales Enablement, Marketing, Sales and Product Management.

Specialising in Sales and Marketing strategy and tactical execution, w
e work with our customers to identify Marketing and Sales operational issues and define remediation plans. We focus on Sales Enablement through Brand Awareness and Social Selling across your Social Media channels and Website. And we aim to integrate and optimise Sales and Marketing Processes, People and Systems to overcome inefficiencies and barriers to performance.

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Andrew Holloway, Senior Manager 
Europe at Tata Communications
“Edmund has a clear strategic vision on how to grow revenues and increase the positive profile of his business with key customers and accounts. Customer experience and service excellence are at the core of his thinking.”

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